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Auguest 27th: Vague Dreams are Vague, Modified Page Navigation

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Man when do I ever update my website? Never. XDD


Anyways as the title mentions, I've been getting some weird dreams, and sometimes they're either about the future, or a real-life event from another person's perspective, and well jariohgjrloadyhusfgs WHO THE FUCK KNOWS FOR SURE.


What's even more strange is they all somehow connect to make a potential story, although the "story dream" I get isn't in chronological order.


For instance in on...

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April 19th, 2014: Welcome!

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This website is still in a bit of development, but feel free to poke around. This website was JUST made, so expect minimal content.


The purpose of this website is to store all my work relating to art, videos, and supposedly stories of what I made, or some personal stories. I'll also be sharing links to websites of where you can find me online in the ...

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