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Auguest 27th: Vague Dreams are Vague, Modified Page Navigation

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Man when do I ever update my website? Never. XDD


Anyways as the title mentions, I've been getting some weird dreams, and sometimes they're either about the future, or a real-life event from another person's perspective, and well jariohgjrloadyhusfgs WHO THE FUCK KNOWS FOR SURE.


What's even more strange is they all somehow connect to make a potential story, although the "story dream" I get isn't in chronological order.


For instance in one of my dreams I found myself walking through a falling city alongside with my friends, that happens to be ghetto and criminals to an extent, but vaguely respectful and kind. In another dream I found myself leading some kind of gang to stop a superior force connected to the government, and fighting armies of clones of some sort.


Another example is how I find myself traveling alone in countless dreams.


Sometimes I like to question myself, "Is that what my future is going to be? Is this what will happen to me if I did this or that? Are the dreams all just nil?"


Honestly there are countless possibilities what people's dreams can mean to them, and it's clearly different for everyone.


Have you ever heard about a fact if you dream about a specific person, it means that person is missing you (or I think it's the other way around? IDK.) Also the faces you see in your dreams aren't random; they are faces of people who you've seen at least once in your lifetime, and it doesn't have to be anyone you remember.


For some reason most of the dreams I remember involves me working with some kind of organization, and being with friends. It also involves me being a spy in some wealthy locations, like a fancy cruise or restaurant. At other times it's about me trying to escape from a particular place that aren't so pleasant. Then there are these three dreams I had about me being in a snowy landscape.


The first snow dream I recall was about me living in a post-apocalyptic world, where the globe was covered in mostly snow. The year was 2040 and I was sheltered in a frozen shipwreck boat (which was surprisingly warm inside.) Food was scarce to the point where I was eating rats, I somewhat looked like a hobo, and had a television that would play shows from the 80s. Just before my first snow dream was another dream where I was on some kind of journey with my friends, and we were all at some kind of big stone balcony. The reason why I mention this is because in the end of my first snow dream, I was on that same balcony but layered with snow. Then a man came to me (I don't remember specifically how he looks,) but as I thought I was about to die, he said something so inspiring and amazing, that it melted away the snow in the scenario, then grass and trees began to bloom again. Only if I remembered... :c


The second snow dream doesn't stand out as much but it's about me struggling to return to my shelter in a 4 ft. layer of snow, while the blizzard covered up most of my view distance, and I was sleepy and tired in unexplainable ways. One thing I was certain about the dream however was that it definitely had a message of some sort. When I shuffled through the internet to see what such scenario could mean, the web says it could mean a struggle of a problem in one's life. If this was true then the reason why I would've gotten this dream was because of how terribly I struggled in School.


The third snow dream is probably the most notable yet. Everytime I see snow, I get this vague feeling like I'm home or something, not just feeling serene. Okay that was just TMI really. Anyways the dream is about me hanging out with my sister and this one girl I know in real life I kinda liked. For some reason we were in Russia. Throughout the dream nothing big happens but the end is where things get surreal and out of place. My sister comes up to me and says the "girl" has something to confess. Then the girl (ie the one I kinda like) swoops me down onto the frozen pond and we started ice-skating/dancing together until I gently fell majestically onto my knees as I also put my hand out, like how a guy would propose towards a girl. After that everything abruptly blacks out then I see two large numbers and two smaller numbers, both in yellow: 1155. There were a bunch of smaller numbers too that were counting down, but sadly I don't remember what they were. Believe it or not I even actually tried to look up that number on google, but other than that, I really don't know what clue I'm supposed to find with that number.


There are plenty of other dreams I want to tell you guys, but it'll have to settle for another time.


Anyways I replaced the video page and the photos page with links to my deviantArt page as well as my Youtube Channel. That way I don't have to upload one image to two websites simultaneously. It'll save a lot of time. :P


May 26th, 2014: Wow, times files.

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Well it's been almost a month since I posted my last news.


Soooo here's what's been going on.


I took my AP Computer Science class exams about 2 or 3 weeks ago. and it went... okay hopefully. Although I don't have much care for the class itself anymore, All I care is what I learned from it. Besides my class didn't exactly have the best AP Computer Science teacher either. Long story short, that class was too much for me, and I'm downgrading to Programming next year. But during my spare time, I might as well still play around with Java.


My father finally came back from California after 5 weeks passed by. The house was quiet without him, we had a lot more food to eat, and it was a lot more serene. My father had to go to California because he has a new job there. He didn't like the job he had at Virginia because the work condition there was horrid. There's a possibility I may move there with my dad.


Moving away has never been so depressing for me, because all the times I moved, I was too young and made rarely any friends. However this is not the first time I was sad about moving away. Back when I was in 5th grade, I used to live in Vermont. When I heard me and my parents were moving away (I didn't know where that time,) I just stood... I kind of knew this was coming because the company my dad used to work with shut down. The melancholy was short-lived because at my school, my class gave me a going-away party for me. Because of this, Vermont became the most memorable place for me.


Well actually about moving away, it hasn't been exactly 100% decided whether I'll have to move with my dad or not. I hope not because I lived in where I am for longer than any other place I lived in, even Korea, my home country.


What else has been going on? Well nothing big really, other than how I started playing one of my old RTS (Real Time Strategy) game I used to play when I was a kid. I'll bet you guys never heard of Fate of the Dragon. It's a game where you have to conquer your enemies' empire by taking over their capital before yours is taken. A rare feature that the game has is that it consists of multiple, separate maps. There's one map on the bottom left corner to look over any empire, either of your own, an unconquered, or the enemies (once they're discovered that is!) On the bottom-right is basically the main battlefield map, where you exit from your own empire, take over counties (i.e. villages,) and enter other empires. Your enemies can do the same. You can also own multiple empires by taking on the enemy's, or an untouched capital.Again this game is very rare, so the only videos you'll see on Fate of the Dragon is just a random gameplay video, one let's play series, and a bunch of junk videos that only shows pictures of the game. If you could get it go buy it. It's hell of a fun game.


Also I recently watched Spiderman 2. The movie was not too bad, but there's like a big turning point that happens much later in the story, and Peter Parker (Spiderman) actually had a chance to prevent that whole event from happening in the first place, but nooo. He was playing dumb and did everything he could (other than the "first place" part,) but it happened anyways. You guys probably have no idea what I'm talking about, because I'm trying to say this without spoiling the story.


Anyways if I have to explain again, in the near-end parts of Spiderman 2, there's a plot change that Peter could've prevented in the first place, but instead played dumb, period.


I'm also working on my RHG (Rock Hard Gladiator) character on StickPage forums. For those that doesn't know what it is, it's where you create an animation of your original character fighting other characters, and the person with the best animation wins. But first you have to make some kind of application with a picture of your character, list of ablilities, weaknesses, a story, and an animation showing off your character's power. I got everything other than the demo, or the animation. I'm learning how to use CS Flash, which is used by most people to make flash programs that runs on websites and all.


If you guys want to see the section yourself, how about clicking here. ;P


Well that's about it for today. Oh and happy Memorial Day to all. c:


April 19th, 2014: Welcome!

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This website is still in a bit of development, but feel free to poke around. This website was JUST made, so expect minimal content.


The purpose of this website is to store all my work relating to art, videos, and supposedly stories of what I made, or some personal stories. I'll also be sharing links to websites of where you can find me online in the "About" section above.


Other than that I really do not have much to say. Again feel free to poke around. :)